Thanks for your interest in commissioning artwork from me!
Commissions are currently open

What I Do:

I draw realistic traditional portraits of people and animals. I can either replicate the background in the reference photo, or create a simple background with matching colors. My preferred mediums are pencils, colored pencils and PanPastels.

What I Don’t Do:

  • Stylized or cartoony pieces
  • Stitch together a piece from multiple reference pictures

How to Commission a Piece:

Please email me at with the following:

  • A high resolution and clear reference photo
  • Size and color preferences
  • Any specific deadline I should know about

Sizing and Pricing


Black and White: $75
Color: $100


Black and White: $100
Color: $130


Black and White: $130
Color: $175


Black and White: $175
Color: $275


Black and White: $350
Color: $500


Black and White: $500
Color: $700

These are the sizes that I prefer to work with; if you need a different size I will calculate the pricing for it.

Commission Timelines

The timeline per commission varies widely depending on the size of the piece and the amount of other commissions I am working on. I will send you an initial sketch to approve within a week of your order before completing the piece.

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