Hannibal, Simpsons-style


Abigail, Hannibal and Will

Playing around with different styles is so much fun – as long as you accept the fact that you’ll mess things up a bunch of times before you get it right.

Honestly, in this case I didn’t really even “get it right.” But I got close!

I’ve been a huge Simpsons fan for a very long time – I first started trying to mimic the Simpsons style in middle school, and every few years I find new characters or people I want to try to recreate in that style.

Besides looking at lots of references, the key to recreating someone in Simpsons-style is to give them some degree of the classic Simpsons overbite, and to make sure they don’t have a chin. Which can be hard to achieve if your character has facial hair. But it’s possible! Also, Simpsons characters have 4 fingers instead of 5.


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