Pushing Daisies/Paperman


And now for something completely different.

I am a “traditional” artist. I draw things pretty much the way they look. I am really… really bad at getting creative with stuff. But sometimes I force myself to try, and it doesn’t turn out half bad.

This, I think is one of those instances. I love the show Pushing Daisies because it is magical and wonderful and good for the world. Everyone should watch Pushing Daisies. It’s the exact type of show that lends itself to quirkiness and creativity, so I thought I should steer away from “traditional” when I decided to draw some of the characters.

Enter Paperman, the delightful Pixar short about a guy, a girl and a piece of paper. I spent awhile trying to mimic the design style of Paperman, and learning how to translate Ned the Piemaker and “Chuck” (Charlotte Charles) to that style. And it was fun! Learning to mimic the style of other artists is a good tool in eventually finding your own style. I still don’t have my own style (please don’t tell anyone) but each time I do something like this, I feel that I understand style just a little bit better.


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