Marcus Mumford


This guy is pretty good at music.

Mumford & Sons may not be for everyone, and that’s ok. Mumford & Sons is for me, though.

I first started listening to them back in 2009-2010ish, when I was in college. And for a good while, everything I drew was Mumford & Sons-related. I actually joined tumblr exclusively as a way to share my Mumford & Sons fan art. Was it weird of me? Yes. Yes, it was. But I loved their music so much and they inspired me to draw! I see anything that inspires me to draw as a very good thing.

Marcus can play roughly 4000 instruments. It’s amazing. Here’s a video of him playing like 47 of them before Mumford & Sons was even a thing. You have to admit, even if it isn’t your style, that takes talent. Also, you should definitely check out Laura Marling, the girl he’s backing in this video. She is astoundingly good.


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