Tyrion Lannister


I’m like Tyrion – I drink and I know things. Actually, I don’t know many things… but I do drink.

So close enough.

Tyrion is one of the prime examples of why I love George R. R. Martin’s universe. Not only has GRRM made this amazing world for us to learn about, but he has developed such realistic and compelling characters. Tyrion is definitely one of them.

What I like most about Tyrion is how very flawed he is. I’ll admit I’m drawn to flawed characters because I find them much more interesting, but Tyrion is an especially good example of one. He’s a little more sympathetic in the show than he is in the book – he’s not as much of a hero, I guess you could say. But I still love him.

I chose to draw Tyrion with that in mind. Not exactly a shining “Lion of Lannister,” although the crimson  background was definitely chosen with Lannister colors in mind. He’s rough around the edges, and he looks unsure.

You can buy a print of this drawing here at my Etsy shop!

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