Sansa Stark


Who doesn’t love Sansa Stark?

I’ll admit – not a lot of us started out liking Sansa, but we’ve changed our tune (most of us, anyway).

What this girl has had to put up with, and the way she’s adapted to her world in order to survive are incredible. Just like Arya had to survive, so did Sansa – but in a much different way.

In the books, Sansa starts off as a pretty annoying character – but honestly, her actions and thoughts are really those of an average teenage girl. I actually enjoyed reading her chapters, because it made total sense to me. Not that I would have gotten along with Sansa when I was her age – but I appreciated how realistic she was, and I understood why she would make some of the decisions she did.

But in both the books and show, Sansa has grown so much. I can’t wait to see what this season holds for her – and I hope I can read more Sansa chapters soon (fingers crossed for Winds of Winter coming out within the next few years…)

You can buy a print of my Sansa illustration here at my Etsy shop!

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