Arya Stark


Arya Stark is a badass – but you already knew that.

But… I’m also pretty scared of Arya – she’s (understandably) lost all of the innocence she had at the beginning of the series, and now seems to practically enjoy killing. I get her need for revenge, I just hope she reserves her murderous…ness for the bad guys, not anyone innocent or good.

I drew this during her stint at the House of the Undying, where she spent a bit of time learning to train while blind.  Drawing her with white eyes not only showed her literal blindness, but was also a way for me to express my fear that she has lost her way in life. I’m glad she’s headed back home this upcoming season, but I hope she can regain some of the Stark nature she had at the beginning of her story. Starks don’t enjoy killing, they see it as a duty that must be fulfilled at times. I’m not sure she’s on the same page at the moment…

You can buy a print of this drawing here at my Etsy shop!

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